9 Tips to Help Keep Your Diet On Track

1.  Eat smaller portions throughout the day, especially any fatty foods, like ice cream.

2. Have healthy foods that are easy to make at home and with you at work so you don’t end up going to the nearest fast food restaurant or going to the vending machine and having an unhealthy snack.

3. For people trying to cut down on carbohydrates, an easy way to do this is by cutting down on rice, pasta or bread and replacing them with vegetables. For example, when having a sandwich, try making it into an open-face sandwich to eliminate one piece of bread. Or another idea is to make lettuce wraps instead of using all the same ingredients as a sandwich.

4. For people trying to cut down on fat you can change many things depending on your eating habit.

–          On your beef you can cut off the fats that you can see
–          On chicken you can remove the skin
–          Cut out fried foods
–          Bake , broil, or roast your meats
–          Cut down on butter
–          For cooking use olive oil
–          Eat low fat or non fat cheese, yogurts, and milk
–          Eat egg whites and cut out the yellow yolk

5. Eat your fruits and vegetables as it is healthy for you and can help decrease your hunger.

6. Start reading food labels carefully. Pay special attention to the amount of calories, fats and carbohydrates.

7. If you are craving a night time snack before bed be careful of what you eat! Try to plan your eating habits so you’re not too hungry late at night. However, if you are hungry and need something to eat, have something low calorie or low fat.

8. You don’t need to cut everything out and go full out on a diet right away. It may help to do a little at a time. Take your time, but keep taking steps forward to get to your goal. Every little tiny thing you do in your diet can make a change.